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Benefits of Biodiesel

  • Reduces our dependence on foreign sources of oil thereby enhancing our nation’s security
  • Strengthens the regions agricultural economy through new jobs and tax revenue
  • Reduces global warming pollutants
  • Reduces cancer-causing air toxics and other pollutants that negatively impact public health

Life-Cycle Energy Balance

The energy balance of biodiesel is positive, 3.24:1. For every unit of energy input, 3.24 units of energy are produced. The life cycle energy balance and benefits of corn-based ethanol have been contentiously disputed. However, expert consensus concludes that the energy balance for ethanol is 40-60% net positive. For every unit of energy input, 1.4-1.6 units are produced.

Emissions Benefits of BiodieselRainbow Truck

B2 (2% Biodiesel):

1-2% reduction of carbon monoxide
1-2% reduction of particulate matter
2-3% reduction of hydrocarbons & sulfates
B20 (20% Biodiesel):

10-12% reduction of carbon monoxide
10-15% reduction of particulate matter
10-20% reduction of hydrocarbons
20% reduction of sulfates

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the cancer-causing potential of B100 is 94% less than regular diesel and 27% less for B20. In addition, according to a DOE study, use of B100 compared to petroleum-based diesel will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 78%