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    We recycle used fryer oil and convert into clean energy for motor vehicles.


    We recycle used fryer oil and convert into clean energy for motor vehicles.

A Team That Works For You!

At Clean Energy Biofuels, we don’t just collect used cooking oil from local restaurants. We work closely with all of our clients, assessing their needs and going above and beyond their expectations. When you choose Clean Energy Biofuels as your trusted collection service for grease and cooking oil, you are signing on with an environmentally focused team that showcases premier customer service with each and every job. We are the best option when it comes to local grease or cooking oil collection, as we are both convenient and
customer-satisfaction driven.

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Clean Energy Biofuels

We started Clean Energy Biofuels in 2008 with the ambition to provide a cleaner energy source to the state of Georgia while supporting the rural community in Walton County Georgia. In the ten years since Rick Huszagh and Crista Carrell founded the company, we have achieved both.

Over the years we have been supported by the local community of Monroe, GA, USDA, EPA, University of Georgia (UGA), and many other people. These people have believed in our vision for cleaner air and a more renewable agriculturally based fuel source for trucks, cars, and electric power generation.
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Areas We Serve:
oil collection vehicles

Our Services

Used Cooking Oil Collection in Monroe, GA

Friendly customer service is our priority and we collect from a wide range of restaurants in the southeastern United States.
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biodiesel fuel plant


A grease trap is a device designed to intercept grease before it enters a water system such as a city’s sewer line.
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waste water treatment plant


We operate our own wastewater treatment facility to ensure proper treatment and recycling of the...
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Biodiesel is sometimes also called Methyl Esters or Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME). Biodiesel can be produced...
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Our Used Cooking Oil Collection Truck


On time collection of your oil and grease trap service.

If you are running a busy restaurant, the last thing on your mind should be the collection of your used cooking oil or servicing of your grease trap.

Get Paid on time, every time

We pay the most competitive rates for your used cooking oil and pay you in a timely manner. We also have the most competitive grease trap service rates.

Environmentally conscious.

Our processing facility is powered by a 180KW solar array. We manufacture our own biodiesel in Georgia and Virginia and run our fleet of trucks on our own fuel. The combustion of biodiesel as a transportation fuel offsets carbon and generates 80% less pollution.

Independently owned and operated.

Privately held and based in Virginia since 2004 and in Georgia since 2008, we are not listed on the stock market and not owned by private equity. We are not purely bottom-line driven. We run a business that supports our customers, our employees, and the agricultural sector.


(678) 318-1785 in Georgia / (804) 258-1559 in Virginia

Corporate Office
201 Bold Springs Ave
Monroe GA 30655
Monroe, GA Plant
941 Monroe-Jersey Road
Monroe, GA 30655
West Point, VA Plant
7475 Ready Mix Drive
West Point, VA 23181

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