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Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

A locally-owned and operated wastewater treatment provider.

The team at Clean Energy Bio Fuels is specially trained and certified to process your wastewater. As a trusted provider of wastewater treatment for over a decade, we have the experience and equipment needed to effectively treat and recycle your wastewater.
  • Our wastewater treatment facility is self-operated and local.
  • We recycle all of the wastewater we collect.
  • Our facility is permitted and certified to handle all wastewater from restaurants, food service establishments, and non-hazardous waste services.

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Call now to get started: 678-318-1785

We operate our own wastewater treatment facility to ensure proper treatment and recycling of the wastewater that is collected. Our facility in Acworth Georgia is a permitted non-hazardous wastewater treatment facility that accepts and treats wastewater from grease traps, septic systems, and food processes. The facility treats wastewater by screening out trash and then separating other solids out from the water. We aim to recycle as much as we can from the wastewater and limit the amount of waste sent to landfills. The recycled water goes to the municipal wastewater treatment facility for further processing with the remaining biproduct being land applied as a fertilizer on approved farms in Georgia.

Our facility processes and recycles over 20 million gallons of wastewater every year. We do accept wastewater from third parties. In addition, we can haul your waste water for you with our fleet of 20 plus vacuum trucks and trailers.


(678) 318-1785 in Georgia / (804) 258-1559 in Virginia

Monroe, GA Plant
941 Monroe-Jersey Road
Monroe, GA 30655
West Point, VA Plant
7475 Ready Mix Drive
West Point, VA 23181

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