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Used Cooking Oil Collection in Monroe, GA

Used Cooking Oil Collection in Monroe, GA

Working with restaurants across the southeast for a greener future.

At Clean Energy Biofuels, we provide the best service while prioritizing sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. We have been working with restaurants across the southeast for years, collecting their used oil and paying them top dollar.
  • We are the best used oil collection option with timely and friendly customer service and professionally trained and licensed personnel.
  • We are the only used cooking oil service company and biodiesel producer serving the southeast with EPA registered plants in Georgia and Virginia.
  • We have the ability to handle your service needs, no matter the size or scope of the project.

Interested in a used cooking oil pickup?
Call now to get started: 678-318-1785

Friendly customer service is our priority and we collect from a wide range of restaurants in the southeastern United States. We also collect and recycle used cooking oil generated from supermarkets, hotels, schools, churches, theme parks, airports, food manufacturing facilities, and local businesses. We also take pride in servicing the majority of the military bases across the southeast.

Opening a new restaurant? Give us a call and we will provide you a container at no cost. Our containers come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and we can accommodate most situations. If we don’t have an appropriately sized bin for your situation, we can build one for you! We use both metal and durable plastic resin container bins. No space for an outdoor bin? No problem, we service lots of restaurants in areas where space is limited.
We use a web-based data capture system to help us stay on time so our customers won’t have to call for a pickup. We strive to be there before you need us.

We make used cooking oil collection fast and easy for restaurants of all sizes.

Clean Energy Biofuels has been servicing restaurants with our used oil collection solutions for years. Why should you choose our company over other competitors? Check out our benefits below:

Free Storage For Your
Used Oil

Clean Energy Biofuels will give you a container to store your used oil for pickup, at no extra cost to you. Depending on your needs, we can build a used oil storage bin for your restaurant in our fabrication shop. Our high-quality bins are made with the finest materials that won’t wear down easily.

On Time, Every Time

Our automated scheduling service keeps our team connected and on track when it comes to picking up your used cooking oil. You never have to worry about a late service from us!


We pay top-dollar for your used cooking oil. Rebates are paid monthly or quarterly. environmental impact report

Environmental Reporting

We will provide you with a historical environmental impact report with each rebate.

The Best Environmentally Sustainable Used Cooking Oil Collection Service

At Clean Energy Biofuels, we work hard to ensure that our community stays clean and green. All of the used cooking oil we collect is taken to a secure facility, where it is refined to produce the biodiesel fuel that we use in our own trucks. 

In addition to creating our own biodiesel, Clean Energy Biofuels also uses your oil in the manufacture of our all-natural charcoal lighter fluids sold in retailers nationwide. We are always looking for new ways to collaborate with our community in greener practices.

Interested in using our sustainable biodiesel fuel? Contact us today!

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(678) 318-1785 in Georgia / (804) 258-1559 in Virginia

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